I want a Divorce / Ich will eine Scheidung / Eu quero um Divórcio / Quiero el Divorcio

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I have been separated from my husband now for nearly 5 years and I desperately want a divorce, but I can not find him! I do not know what to do. I called him, no answer.

I called his company, he has not shown up. I called the police, they can not find him. I called the phone company, they can not locate the phone. I called his family, they do not want to know. I called his friends, they do not really care.

On a Saturday night at any of the strip clubs in town, you can probably find two types of men. One celebrating their lockdown, the other their release back into the wild. Their nights will be identical .

Drinking as from noon, Steakhouse dinner, and of course, the lap dances that fill the after midnight hours. The main difference is what the friends will toast: ‘It’s all over’ or ‘You are finally free’

The former is the familiar theme of the bachelor party, the latter is the theme of the divorce party. A party that means different things for different people. Sometimes they are about trying to forget.

Sometimes they are about making it seem like there i nothing to forget at all. And sometimes they are about exactly what you would think they would be about.

For a few glorious hours, we help you and your friends enjoy a carefree World of long legs, perfect breasts, G-strings and Cuba Libre. The hardest decision you will make all night is, black, blonde, brunette or redhead, one, two or three. A divorce changes your life more than anything, even more than getting married. It does, it really does.

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