If I Could Talk / Wenn ich reden Könnte / Se eu pudesse Falar / Si pudiera Hablar

Dogs are probably the best thing about life. If you disagree or prefer cats then you are wrong! Dogs are loyal, trusting companions, friends and members of the family. But they have one downfall. They can not talk! 

Would it not be great to talk to your dog, to know exactly what he was thinking, and have him be able to tell you just what he wanted, not to mention having some nice conversations together.

I will only live for 10 or 15 years. Every minute when I am not with you is very upsetting for me. Remember that. Please, give me a little time to understand what you want from me. I want to do the right thing, just help me to figure out what the right thing is. Help me to become the best dog for you.

Do not lock me up and do not ignore me as punishment if I have done something wrong. You have family, friends, job, hobbies – all I have is You. Do not be angry with me. I am just a kid. Help me to grow. Help me to learn to trust you. The trust I have in you will be my entire world.

Talk to me. I may not understand every word that you are saying to me, but I can hear your voice and it means the world to me. I can not speak your language but my body will tell you how I feel.

If you see that I do not have as much energy as I used to, do not be angry or disappointed in me. Maybe I am not feeling well, maybe my food is not right for me, maybe my heart has started getting old.

Look after me and take care of me when I get older, one day you will also be old. I am very sorry that I age so quickly, I do not mean to upset you, but I can not change it.

When apes, monkeys, dolphins, or even pigeons seem to understand a sequence of words or symbols (usually for reward) it can be tempting to credit them with a knowledge of language and meaning. Animal sees, hears and learns from experience: cognition is not language.

Some chimpanzees have used mirrors to investigate marks on their faces, but an Awareness of self does not enter into animal Consciousness, nor do they realise that others have thoughts; what concerns them is behaviour.

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