Leave the mind Alone / Lass den Geist in Ruhe / Deixe a mente Sozinha / Dejar la mente Sola

Compulsive thinking is tempting and easy. Presence and vulnerability is not. There really is this constant balance between thinking and Awareness. The mind is a tool you have for your entire life. You can not turn your mind off like you can your phone, but you can learn to turn your attention away from it.

If you leave the mind alone the mind will leave you alone.

Being addicted to thought constantly keeps you thinking obsessively and in a state of criticism, worry, and anxiety. You can not calm the mind by forcing yourself to stop thinking.

You have to learn to listen, be present, engage with life happening around you, and leave your mind and thoughts alone. Turn your attention to engage vulnerably with the present moment.

Minds rule the World, minds achieve, minds analyze, minds discover, minds explore, minds reach conclusions, minds find the causes of illnesses.

Science is the work of the mind. Scientific discoveries are always with the mind; great insights do not always come through thinking, still they come through the mind. So we live in a World where the mind matters.

Still, most people would agree that they enjoy life best when their mind is quiet and peaceful. To be able to enjoy moments without hundreds of thoughts swirling around in your head seems like a paradise to those who walk around with a constant high speed mind.

To most of us a high speed mind means that life in the moment is fast, maybe a little bit hectic, chaotic and sometimes even stressful.

And some of us may also say that to live in high tempo is pleasant. That pleasantness comes from you being used to that way of life.

To someone who is used to live in high tempo, a life without constantly being involved with optimising ones life situation or the events within it, can be almost intolerable. It is possible to be addicted to a life style in high tempo.

To be addicted to drugs or to a life style in high speed have similar characteristics. A high speed mind releases something within us that Humans can get addicted to. A high speed mind produces very little quality in life.

It rarely allows you to enjoy what you have or who you are. You can not appreciate and enjoy life here and now if you are constantly engaged and involved with arranging future events and situations in your mind

You are unable to get out because you can not clearly see what is going on. It is like sitting in prison without even knowing that you are in a prison. How can one escape a prison which one can not see.

To escape a prison you can not see is probably close to impossible. But there are more effective ways of escaping an invisible prison. The only thing you need to do is to shift your focus and take a look at what is keeping you from seeing clearly.

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