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We all want to live the Life of our dreams full of freedom, Love and happieness, but at some point You likely have decided to settle for the logical Life, for the normal Life or for the rebellious Life, the opposing Life.

Here are 7 (Seven) signs you are not living the Heavenly Life Your soul intended and wanted to.

You are reading this article. When You are out of alignment with your soul purpose, You feel it. Many of your actions are in vain as You continuously feel there is something bigger and better waiting for You.

You spend every waking moment searching for the missing link. You are searching high and low, spending endless time  in the Internet or in Social Networks for anything of what that missing link might be, for You and Your life. I will tell You a secret, the answer you are seeking isn’t on any website, it lies within You.

You feel disconnected from life. Your life seemsa good for the most part, but You can not help feeling disconnected from the passion and excitement that others feel about their work and their life.

You are unhappy. Looking from the outside, You are living Your life maybe with a good job, maybe with enough money, and maybe even a family, but you just can not shake the unhappiness that lies under Your surface.

You are playing Your life. At one point You had big dreams and aspirations which made you feel excited and alive, but that was before you decided it was easier to just play life. You want, but You are afraid and recommit yourself to doing what is Your easy way.

You are comfortable with the discomfort. You know you can bigger and better, you have become comfortable with the discomfort. You know you have to do something about your unhappiness, but fear creeps in and causes you to rebel or oppose and retreat back into your normal behaviour and the cycle repeats.

You are not doing what or living with whom you love. This is the biggest sign of them all. If you are not doing what you love or not living with whom you love, you aren’t living the life your soul intended.

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