Love Never Dies / Liebe stirbt Nie / O amor nunca Morre / El amor nunca Muere

Love changes people but true Love does not change.

The faith in Love acts supernatural. Impossible things are made possible. Love is magical. True Love never ends but becomes more deep and colorful with time. The best experience of life is the feeling of true Love

True Love is magical. It acts like medication for your body and your mind. Just breathing is not being alive. Living is meaningful when you make your heart joyful. That joy of heart is obtained from the most beloved person.

People do extreme things for Love. People even sacrifice their life for their partner’s well being. Great Love stories are made for those brave person who fought against World and Society for their loved ones.

True Love stories never have endings. True lovers keep waiting for their Love. True Love is priceless. Love is never too easy. It comprise of trust, innocence, peace, sacrifice. True Love is choice not mandatory.

Love is stored in your unconscious mind.

Love, Marriage and sex all are separate terms in relationships. Very few peoples experience combination of these three components in real life. 

Most people are confused when they mislead the meaning of relationship and Love. When relationships are over, you think Love is over. But that Love between you will not be over from the deep mind and heart.

Love can not die, it can not be born. It is pure feeling.

It does not matter how poor or rich you are, how beautiful or ugly you are, but Love come from soul not from body or personal status. Love never differentiate the color of skin, and level of status. 

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