Machines can Help / Maschinen können Helfen / Máquinas podem Ajudar / Máquinas pueden Ayudar

Automation technologies such as machine learning and robotics play an increasingly great role in life. Their potential effect on the workplace has become a major focus of research and public concern. Which jobs will or will not be replaced by machines?

47% of U.S. jobs could be automated within the next two decades. If only half that number is correct, workers are in for a rude awakening. A worker revolt is on the horizon, followed by a radically new economic state.

The impacts of automation technologies are already being felt throughout the economy. The worldwide number of industrial robots has increased rapidly over the past few years.

The falling prices of robots, which can operate all day without interruption make them extremely cost-competitive. As technologies become cheaper, more capable, and more widespread, they will find even more applications in economy.

Machines no longer just mechanize Human tasks as they have since the industrial age – they are adapting and changing the way we think, interact and live.

The essence of the digital age is that a two way communication between Human and machine will be at the center of this relationship and that machines talk to one another.

As the power of the mind increased, so did the functions of the body and vice versa, causing a feedback loop of higher and higher capability and capacity.

At some point, in this transformation of body and mind, the ability to communicate between minds occurred, and has had an exponential effect:

Humans are now creating a machine evolution mirroring their own. In the ultimate symbiosis of man and machine, machine evolution has parallels to the evolution of the Human mind.

In the year 2805, Earth is an abandoned planet covered in garbage, with its people evacuated. WALL-E is a robot trash compactors to clean up.

One day, an unmanned spaceship lands and deploys an EVE probe robot  to scan the planet. WALL-E falls in Love with EVE. True to his Love, he protects her from wind, rain, and lightning, even as she is unresponsive.

Having arrived back on Earth, after avisit to the starship Axiom EVE finds that WALL-E’s memory has been reset and his personality is gone.

Heartbroken, EVE gives WALL-E a farewell kiss, which sparks his memory back to life and restores his original personality.

WALL-E and EVE reunite as the Humans and robots of the Axiom begin to restore Earth and its environment.

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