Men should not Marry / Männer sollten nicht Heiraten / Homens não deveriam se Casar / Hombres no deberían Casarse

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Young men should not marry because they have their talents, dreams, and future to utilize. Women will marry young men as a sort of down payment, a future retirement plan.

Old men should not marry because of their assets and wealth to be taken, and older women resemble mummies. Young women marry old men for the money when he dies.

Poor men should not marry because they will forever remain a wage slave, working, working, working, until the day he dies or retires in his sixties. If she divorces, he is enslaved to child support payments and often kicked out of his own house.

Rich men should not marry because most of the women will be gold diggers. During the marriage, she will siphon off much assets and wealth her way. If a divorce comes, she will take off with a good chunk of the cash.

Men with dreams should not marry because the wife will stomp on those dreams and say that your purpose on Earth is to please her. You should either be pleasing her or making money for her to spend. Dreams are for children, dear.

Men without dreams should not marry because all the pleasures you take in life, be it fishing, hunting, gaming, motorcycling, or football, will be diminished greatly if not removed entirely. Your hobbies become ‘guilt trips’ while your wife’s hobbies become ‘quality time’.

Religious men should not marry because marriage has nothing at all to do with being religious. Jesus didn’t marry. Monks do not marry. Churches are not men’s friends. Every church allows tons of divorces including Catholic Churches (under the skyrocketing annulments).

Non-religious men should not marry because you are getting married to the government, to the government sanctioned sex program that is called Marriage.

Do not marry. Not because women have a self-interest in marriage. It is because male interests in marriage have been legislated out of existence. In Church, male interests have been moralized out of existence.

Culturally, you will always be seen as a loser. Despite the gain of fame or wealth, you still remain a loser … only a useful loser. Society will re-configure itself so that women are right … always … and forever.

If a woman is in an argument, everyone will shift so the woman is right. If religion contradicts women, those parts of the religion will be left out. If history contradicts women then history will be re-edited so women are right. If nature contradicts women, it is declared a social crisis and scientists are set to fix the problem.

Not marrying will not make you free and happy.

But it will keep you from the shackles. You may think being lonely and single is misery, but it is paradise compared to the true misery of marriage.

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  • Dirk H.
    June 26, 2020

    Alex K.,
    It is very rare that the bitter truth of marriage has been described so clearly. Only men who have made such bad experiences personally can write or understand these lines of wisdom. If there is real love between man and woman you do not need a marriage certificate. Such a certificate only serves the female side in the case of separation. Men learn this lesson when it is too late.
    KeEp up the good work, Alex!
    All the best.

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