Nature is a Teacher / Die Natur ist ein Lehrer / A natureza é um Professor / La naturaleza es un Profesor

Nature teaches. Pay Attention. Observe. Reflect. Learn. Honor Nature. –

Nature teaches you through direct observation, through scientific research, through spiritual practice, through mystical experience. Nature teaches you about the circle of life.

Nature teachs you about birth and beginnings, about growth and development, about death and endings, about rebirth and renewal. Nature teaches you about potential and manifestation, about life as Strong and life as fragile.

Nature teaches you about balance, about rhythms, about cycles. Nature teaches you about the interplay of day and night, the circle of seasons, the changing phases of the moon, the dance of weather and climate.

Nature teaches you about creation and destruction, about order and chaos, about repatterning and transformation, about constancy and change.

Nature teaches about flexibility and adaptability. Nature teaches about standing strong, resisting, and pushing back. Nature teaches about holding on, about changing your grip, about letting go, about falling down and getting up again.

Nature teaches you about harmony, peace, and bliss. Nature teaches you about struggle, conflict, and survival. Nature teaches you about cooperation and competition, about isolation and community and about interdependence.

Nature teaches you about diversity in plants, in terrain, in creatures, in humankind, in the biosphere of planet Earth, in our solar system, in our galaxy, in the cosmos.

Nature teaches us about systems, micro and macro: within you, around you, beyond you.

Nature teaches you about differences: subtle, moderate, and dramatic. Nature teaches you about varieties of shape, color, size, texture, dynamics, lifeforms. Nature teaches you to celebrate and sustain diversity.

Nature teaches you about the powers of the ancient elements, of Earth, air, fire, water, and the spirit that interconnects All.

Nature teaches you the restorative power of rest, sleep, and dreaming. Nature teaches you the enlivening power of work, play, and creative expression. Nature teaches you the importance of whole foods, clean water, fresh air, exercise, and service. 

Nature teaches you about communicating with sounds, gestures, movement, and silence.  Nature teaches you the importance of listening, of being still, of reflecting.

Nature teaches you about home making, nesting, safety and security. Nature teaches you about migration, living in multiple places, and traveling between.

Nature teaches you to be aware and attuned to the environments you dwell in and the environments you visit.

Nature teaches you there is more to life than what is within your own thoughts and daily routine.

Nature teaches you to pay attention to your surroundings, to be aware of others, to consider consequences of your actions, to learn from your experiences, to understand that you are part of a larger whole.

Nature teaches you about nurturing, caring for others, caring for yourself, participating in the caring of the larger communities of life of which you are part.

Nature teaches you about life, learning, and growth across generations. Nature teaches you the importance of respecting and learning from elders and the importance of guiding and learning from youth.

Nature teaches us the joys, enrichment, and therapeutic renewal of spending time unwired and unplugged in natural surroundings, of disengaging from human centric activities in order to spend time developing awareness and relationships with other lifeforms.

Nature teaches you to wonder, to appreciate beauty, to marvel in the blooming of flowers, the flight of birds, the dancing lights of the aurora, the sky colors of sun rising and sun setting, the glow of full moon light on land and water, the delights of rainbows and sunbows.

Nature teaches you to value knowledge and wisdom, mystery and magic, the known and unknown.

Nature teaches to value what has gone before, what is now, what is to come, what may be possible. Nature teaches about interconnection through synchronicity and serendipity.

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