No more Leaders / Keine Führungskräfte Mehr / Não mais Líderes / No más Líderes

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You know we always want to be led, that is one of our … beastly nature. We all want to be told what to do – Marx tells you what to do, Christ tells you what to do, the psychologists tell you what to do, the politicians tell you what to do.

We are always looking for leaders – a better political leader than the present one. And the better political leader is always not good enough but the next one will be better.

And so we keep this idea. So we are asking – there is no leader here, please let’s be clear on this point. There is no leader as far as I am concerned. You can create the speaker into a leader, which will be utter folly, but the speaker is not a leader.

We are together co-operating to discover the cause of all this misery of man. You have had a thousand leaders. They have all failed.

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