Our treasured Planet / Unser geschätzter Planet / Nosso valioso Planeta / Nuestro valioso Planeta

Throughout history, humanity has been guided through life by the wisdom carried in the voices of their ancestors.

Their unique knowledge provided blueprints on the importance of living in harmony with our venerable Mother Earth and her various children, as well as how this can be done.

Today many of these voices are no longer being heard and this vital connection has been lost.

Compared to our ancestors, we are further separated from nature in our apartments and cars, and have no substantial connection with the food we eat.

Our educational institutions currently train students to embrace the extractive and wasteful economy rather than to seek solutions and return to a more intimate relationship with the Earth.

We have created a Human planet but have forgotten that it is this planet that sustains the Human.

The result has been a decreasing variety of species, an increasing variety of toxicities, and a belief system that treats our treasured planet as a commodity to be used rather than a living being worthy of commemoration.

Our everyday activities are now ravaging cultures and ecosystems to the point where if we continue along our current path, the children of the future will be denied the gift of our treasured planet capable of hosting life as we know it.

As we are all the ancestors of tomorrow, whatever we leave behind for these next generations will be our legacy.

Through listening to the voices of our Elders, Youth, and Global Community, we can help to cultivate Awareness of our dire human predicament and learn how we can heal our relationship with Mother Earth and her life-giving waters.

With this Awareness, we can actively work towards securing our beauteous home far into the future.

We are part of nature, and to deny this part of ourselves is to ignore our heritage and potential. This psychological impairment and disconnection has allowed us to continue our destructive ways on this planet.

The path back is to renew our relationship with nature, by returning to the fundamentals.

This means spending more time in nature, being aware of our food and how it is sourced and considering ourselves as part of an ecosystem in all that we do.

Reflection is needed on who we are, to consider our place on this planet in this universe. Once we heal our relationship with nature, the rest will follow in our behaviour.

Our future lies in this act of individual and collective responsibility.

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