Out of Balance / Aus dem Gleichgewicht / Fora de Equilíbrio / Fuera de Balance

You have been told that if you only had that coolest, newest car/phone/pair of shoes/you-name-it, you would be happy. But as soon as you get that newest thing that was guaranteed to make you happy, you are told that a new something has just come out and you will never be happy unless you get it … This is how we invented consumerism.

Humans consist of positive and negative elements. Inhaling and exhaling allows for breathing. The heart’s pumping in and out allows for blood circulation. Without them we would die. Likewise, male and female complement one another so as to allow the continuation of our species. On all levels of reality, this balance between the negative and positive is maintained, except for one part of the system – the level of Human desires.

Human desires are evolving in such a way that the negative element is taking over and causes you to skid off balance, into a mode that is destroying our planet, our Society, and ultimately ourselves. The over-amplification of the negative elements in your desires manifest in excessive self-centeredness, alienation, coupled with a desire to exploit others for personal gain.

Our natural instinct to stop when you have had enough is overtaken by your need to outdo others – be smarter, stronger, prettier, wealthier, and so on. The more you can attach to your Ego, the better you feel about yourself. Consequently, nothing about you is balanced. And because you are permanently out of balance, you are in constant (usually unconscious) anxiety, to the point that you confuse relief (from anxiety) with happiness.

You overconsume because you feel disconnected from each other, when in fact you are connected in a web of thoughts and desires that dictates who you are at almost every level. And yet, only if you rise above your self-centeredness you will be able to experience this level of connection positively.

Since you can not rise above this connectedness, you hate it and resist it in various ways. The more subdued and introvert among us tend to shy away from Society and isolate themselves. When they can not be happy they often sink into depression and escape through drug and alcohol abuse, or even become suicidal. The less inhibited among us take the opposite route, and might express their broken connections to people in violent and aggressive manners.

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