Peace of Mind / Seelenfrieden / Paz de Espírito / Paz de Espíritu

Dreams are all the subjective experiences that occur during sleep and dreaming is the process of having such experiences.

Because dream experiences can not be directly accessed, it is only possible to study dreams as they are recalled and reported in the waking state.

Current theories assume that dream experiences, especially affective experiences, not only reflect, but are also influenced by and themselves influence waking well-being.

Eastern conceptualizations of well-being, such as peace of mind, are often overlooked in well-being research and not addressed in dream research.

Conceptualizations of well-being have mostly been developed in Western cultures.

Eastern philosophy (Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism) and recent empirical research conducted in Eastern countries suggest that inner peace and harmony are central to well-being.

Individuals in Western cultures also associate well-being with inner peace and harmony.

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