Peace to mother Gaia / Friede für Mutter Gaia / Paz para mãe Gaia / Paz a la madre Gaia

Thank you for your patience, your fortress, your perseverance, your Love. I apologize, I am sorry for my contribution to your suffering.

Dear Mother Gaia,

You are the great Earth, you are Terra, you are Gaia; you are this infinitely beautiful blue planet. You are the Earth refreshing Bodhisattva, cool and kind. Your immeasurable patience and endurance makes you a great Bodhisattva. Even though we, your children, have made many mistakes, you always forgive us. Every time we return to you, you are ready to open your arms and embrace us.

Whenever we are unstable, every time we lose touch with ourselves, or are lost in forgetfulness, sadness, hatred, or despair, we know we can come back to you. Touching you, we find a refuge; we can reestablish our peace, and regain our joy and our self confidence. You love, protect and nurture all of us without discrimination.

You have an immense capacity to embrace, manage and transform everything that is cast at you, great asteroids, refuse and filth, poisonous fumes, or radioactive waste. Time helps you to do this, and your history has shown that you always succeed, even if it takes millions of years. You were able to establish equilibrium after the collision that created the Moon, and have endured mass extinctions, reviving yourself every time. You have an extraordinary capacity to renew, transform and heal yourself.

We have faith in your great power of healing. Our faith comes from our observation and experience; it is not something others have told us to believe. That is why we know we can take refuge in you. As we walk, sit and breathe, we can surrender ourselves to you, trust wholly in you, and allow you to heal us. We know we do not have to do anything at all. We can simply relax, release all the tension in our body, and all the fears and worries in our mind.

Whether sitting or walking, lying down or standing, we allow ourselves to take refuge in you, and allow ourselves to be held and healed by you. Each one of us needs somewhere to come back to, a place of refuge, but we may not know where it is or how to get there. Looking deeply, we can see that our true home, our true place of refuge is you. We do not have to go anywhere to find you: you are already in us and we are already you.

Each time we sit in stillness, we are aware that you are in us, it is possible for us to embody your wonderful qualities of solidity, perseverance, patience, and forbearance; of depth, endurance, and stability; of courage and creativity.

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