Positive attitude and being Smart / Positive Einstellung und Klug / Atitude positiva e ser Inteligente / Actitud positiva y ser Inteligente

If you walk into a room today filled with 25 women, how many of them do you think find themselves attractive. One. That is right, only One. This is not fiction or an isolated phenomenon either.

The large majority of women fail to find themselves beautiful. Only 4% of women find themselves beautiful and that anxiety about looks begins at an early age.

What motivates women to spend so much money in an attempt to retain their youthful beauty, when the results have them looking like an unreal version of their former Self.

The cultural conversations of today revolve around beauty shining from the Inside-Out. We hear it all the time. Be your authentic Self. Stand in your own power.

Although this appears to be what real beauty is, for women, the impact of what they have seen from a young age has them striving to reach an unrealistic standard the media has force-fed them and defined as beautiful.

For both women and men, the number one thing that made someone beautiful was a positive attitude. The next two things for men were, a woman with a pretty face and a woman who is smart. The next two things for women was confidence and a healthy body.

Women recognize and rediscover their beauty. Inside-Out.

So if a positive attitude and being smart is a new model for beauty, (beauty from the Inside-Out), what motivates women to continue spending billions of dollars on looking beautiful from the Outside-In.

Do women really believe beauty comes from the Outside-In.

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