Race against Time / Rennen gegen die Zeit / Corrida contra o Tempo / Carrera contra el Tiempo

We are in a race against time on climate change. The World needs to transition to renewable energy. Energy from the sun, wind and water can cut greenhouse pollution and provide clean, abundant energy for all. But fossil fuel companies continue to undermine action on climate change and block renewables at every step.

Social movements have the power to change this. People power can overcome the political influence of the fossil fuel lobby to help solve the climate crisis for all of us.

As the World urbanizes and industrializes, and as effects of climate change intensify, environmental crises will increasingly devastate the lives, health, and livelihoods of people around the globe.

A lack of legal regulation and enforcement of industrial mining, large scale dams, deforestation, domestic water and sanitation systems, and heavily polluting industries can lead to host of Human rights violations.

Activists and ordinary citizens defending their rights to land and the environment may face intimidation, legal harassment and deadly violence.

The primary victims of environmental harm are impoverished and marginalized communities with limited opportunity to meaningfully participate in decision making and public debate on environmental issues, and have little access to independent courts to achieve accountability and redress.

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