Silent Love / Stille Liebe / Amor Silencioso / Amor Silencioso

An intensive time of silence. Maybe a whole new dimension of closeness with yourself opens up for you, and a silent Love turns out to be what has always been in you.

Loving someone so much but you can not say anything because you do not want to lose them, you do not want to push them away, you do not want things to be awkward if they do not feel the same way.

So you watch them in silence, you miss them in silence, you think about them silently. You say nothing when someone mentions their name and you say nothing when someone talks about their Love life.

It is painful to talk about what hurts, it is painful to tell someone that they broke your heart and it is painful to show someone how vulnerable you are.

And how much they mean to you when you are not sure what kind of reaction you will get and when you are not sure what you really mean to them.

Silence is better than sounding crazy, weak or irrational. Silence saves you from further rejection or hearing things you do not want to hear.

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