Six Senses / Sechs Sinne / Seis Sentidos / Seis Sentidos

The sixth sense is just that, an extra sensory perception beyond our five commonly recognized senses – hearing, taste, sight, smell and touch. The term sixth sense refers to our ability to perceive something that is not apparently there.

In certain religious circles, the sixth sense is referred to as an ability to feel godliness around you. Others think of it as your intuition, any time you get a gut feeling about something in your life. So the next time your sixth sense is trying to tell you something – listen. What you hear might be life -changing.

The development Six Senses Baia Formosa is a luxury ecological tourist resort set on its in Baía Formosa in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. The project site covers an area of about 2,571 ha including approximately 6.5 km of coastline and has its Master Plan which permits the construction of 3,300 units.

The first stage is being developed together with Six Senses Hotels and Resorts and consists of two beach resorts (a total of 127 villas) and 58 branded villas.

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