Sorrow from Transformation / Trauer der Transformation / Tristeza da Transformação / Dolor de la transformación

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Death, divorce, illness, disaster, personal loss and financial disappointment. Crisis, tragedy, and suffering are the most universal Human experiences – and they can also be your most powerful catalysts for positive change.

The true meaning of grief, how it breaks and remakes you, and finally brings you closer to your strongest sense of Self. Identif the ways you block your experience of sorrow and loss and encounter these feelings fully, with compassion and clarity. Incorporate the lesson you learn into your life.

Grief is one of life’s greatest teachers. It teaches you who you are, want to be, and can become. You learn in time that you can endure what you once believed impossible. Grief introduces you to the possibility of your own resilience.

Through your grief, you can learn to live with a deeper Awareness and appreciation for healthy connection, meaningful growth, and intentional purpose. With Awareness, you can make choices that allow you to grow, evolve and ultimately transform.

Grief shows you that change is inevitable. You can not escape loss. You can make choices and learn strategies to protect yourself from being defined or limited by loss.

Grief as a vehicle for positive transformation and renewal. Compassionate, profound, counterintuitive guidance for working through and transcending grief on a psychological and spiritual level.

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