Soul of Void / Seele der Leere / Alma do Vazio / Alma del Vacío

The soul that has passed through dozens of outer Worlds, appeared on Gaia to share knowledge accumulated over thousands of Earth years using sound and vibration – the original eternal languages given to man.

At first I listened carefully but time passed and I began to get used to the quiet. But it was not quiet, the air was full of sound. I began to turn my attention to what I came to call, the music of the day or indeed the music of the moment.

The sound of birds, doves in the distance, the ever-present stream as flows over rocks down the valley. One or two bees adding their solos, a fly or two. The rumble of a car, a tap turned on in the kitchen, the mumbling of a voice, a dog barking, the ticking of the clock and the gentle breathing of the dog by my side.

Alone, helpless and completely quiet I have listened to this music of the moment with a deep intensity and detached involvement that I have never had the opportunity to before. It reminded me of my childhood. I remember the warmth felt on my skin, the gentle breeze and the smells. I remember the music of the moment.

The best thing of all is the loss of all responsibility and with it judgement. I cease to think. I am able to sit back and just simply lose myself in the music, explore it, enjoy it, live it. Peace. I have gone beyond and found myself. I am there in that rich silence.

Here in this silence I have been given the chance to rediscover the peace of my inner soul. Still, quiet, hearing, smelling, feeling, seeing, whole.

Happy is the moment, when we sit together, with two forms, two faces, yet one soul, you and I.

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