Struggle makes you Stronger / Kampf macht Dich Stärker / Luta faz você mais Forte / La lucha te hace más Fuerte

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A good life is a life of struggle. This is because struggle makes you stronger, and strength is the source of freedom. You read about freedom, dream about freedom, rejoice in the notion of freedom, teach, advocate, and hope for freedom.

It is interesting that you seek freedom as an end in itself, as a final goal to be attained. It is as though you think that once your particular freedom is achieved, all your problems will be solved.

Gain strength and freedom in your life with a simple shift. Gain confidence in life and become centered. If your heart is not changed, neither will your behavior change. True freedom is achieved when your heart is changed.

You can not change without struggle. You can not grow without struggle.  You can not get stronger without resistance. Get grateful for the struggles and work on yourself to ensure your future has much more pleasure than pain.

Unless you are ready to fight for what you want, you will not get it.

Imagine if you got what you want, every time.
No struggle.
No hard work.
No challenges.
No hard work required.

Some of you are saying… that would be great … You would be weak!

And then, when something hard comes up in your life, you wouldn’t know how to handle it, because you have never gone through anything that strengthens you.

You can not grow without struggle.
You can not develop strength without resistance, without challenging yourself, without struggle.

Pain is your friend.
Maybe not in the moment.
But for the evolution of your soul, for the long term benefit of you as a stronger human being – pain is your friend.

If you didn’t have failures,
If you didn’t have struggles,
If you didn’t have disappointment,
You could have no strength, no courage, no compassion.

How could you?
Those qualities are made from your pain and struggle.

You were given pain because you are strong enough to handle it.

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.
Because you are strong enough to drive though it
To thrive through it.
To inspire others through it.
They will look to you and say:
He did it,
She did it,
I have the strength to do it to.

You are stronger than you think.
You’ve survived all your challenges to this point
And you will survive whatever is coming.

But next time a struggle comes
I don’t want you to curse the skies.
Know that it was sent for a reason and a lesson.
It might be to make you stronger, it might be to teach you patience, it might be for you to show others your spirit, there is a reason.

So don’t you give up.
You have a purpose in this world.
And you will only find it if you keep going and keep growing.

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