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Many people in today’s World have great material wealth, still they remain unhappy in the depths of their souls.

They know they have an abundance of things, but they feel they are missing something. Something they can not buy and that is very important, truly momentous: a reason for being.

Money is crucial for survival, just as it is have clothing, a roof over our heads and food on the table every day. Money is essential and at the same time, impoverishes one’s existence if it becomes fundamental.

It is no easy task to overcome this contradiction in everyday life. If you are able to find balance in this aspect, this will be a real triumph for you.

According to the Global Wealth Report, 10% of individuals possess 90% of the total combined wealth of the World. Apparently, there are a lot of people in the World who accumulate more than they needand who do not care that others suffer the rigors of poverty.

When you allow your life to be dictated by wealth you will just turn into another commodity.You will enter the game of an unjust economic system. You will begin to see everything in terms of benefits and see others as goods.

Due to this logic of maximum profit and minimum investment, even Love, in some cases, for centuries, became for some a product that could be bought and sold.

Some women only get married in order to be financially supported. They do not need a man by their side, but a checkbook that will spoil them. A surprising number of men today happen to tell the same story.

Who has much to lose, also has much to fear. Wealth has to be taken care of, preserved, and constantly multiplied and improved. Wealth becomes an end in itself and as assets grow, other aspects of life are emptied. 

There are many rich, unhappy people.

Individuals who arrive at the point of suicide, because they do not know if those around them are their friends, or customers of their favors. They do not know if they are loved, or being used for profit.

Many of the most important things in life are free. Not everything has a price and not everything is about money. Generally, the more one has, the more one wants. This becomes a vicious, never ending cycle; like the myth of Sisyphus.

Money is not bad in itself, but the negative aspect lies in the use you can make of it.

We are defined by who we are, not what we have. Many people know very well how to acquire money, but have forgotten how to give a hug, a kiss or say thank you or excuse me.

Who lives in terms of money, does not dream, but only calculates.

The problem may occur when life requires you to face something for which money is not required, like laughing, facing death, learning how to love or to being happy through our loved ones’ happiness.

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