The great Lie / Die große Lüge / A grande Mentira / La gran Mentira

The word addiction brings to mind alcohol and drugs. Over the past 20 years, a new type of addiction has emerged: addiction to social media.

It may not cause physical harms, such as those caused by tobacco and alcohol, but it has the potential to cause long term damage to your emotions, behaviour and relationships.

While the older generation – those born in the baby boom period – had alcohol and drugs as their vice, the younger generation – the so called millenials – have social media as theirs.

The millennials, born between 1984 and 2005, have embraced the digital age, using technology to relax and interact with others. Social media is a big deal for them; it is a lifeline to the outside World.

More than half of millennials say they have posted a photo on social media to make it look like they were staying, eating or visiting somewhere more expensive than they actually were.

One reason they do this is because they are trying to create jealousy and make themselves appear more desirable, especially to a former or current Love interest.

Those kinds of posts are likely to have a negative effect on their social media friends and connections.

Most millennials say they feel pressure to keep up with their friend’s spending – and of those, nearly half say that social media posts of friend’s vacations and lifestyles contribute to that pressure.

You are now your own worst enemy because of the way you have distorted and manipulated your social media presentation. You are creating a culture of self-comparison that did not previously exist.

You became master at making yourself look absolutely nothing like yourself.

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