The Human Machine / Die menschliche Maschine / A Máquina Humana / La Machine Humaine

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There are men who are capable of loving their ideals more deeply than they can love a woman. They are among the happiest men on Earth. Men who worry themselves to distraction over the perfecting of their ideals are blessed beyond their kind. Most of us have known such men.

These men, their inmost spirit, their instinctive part, their mystery that exists within them, spend the whole of their lives in the Human machine. And when I say the ‘Human machine’ I mean the brain and the body. The expression of this ‘Human machine’, the expression of the soul of the brain and the body is what we call ‘the art of living.’

These men direct their attention to themselves as a whole, complex and capable of quite extraordinary things, travelling through this World smoothly, in any desired manner, with satisfaction not only to themselves but to the people they meet en route, and the people who are overtaking them and whom they are overtaking.

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