The last Days / Die letzten Tage / Os últimos Dias / Los últimos Días

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We are living in a World full of people who love themselves. People put themselves first before God and everyone else. We see that today, even in the churches. People are more concerned with how they look on the outside than how they are on the inside.

This consumer age we live in is all about ‘Me, Me, Me’. The Tv, radio, internet and magazines are loaded with adverts to lure us into buying the newest thing, and we get sucked in every time.

The majority of people would not look twice at a beggar or homeless person on the street, let alone help them. There are lots of good people out there who are compassionate about helping others and putting compassion and empathy first in their lives.

But the majority of people are really only interested in themselves. People’s lives are so saturated with entertainment today that living a holy life is alien to them.

Satan has deceived the World into thinking that spending more time watching Tv, going to the cinema, playing games, socializing and reading novels than time with God is ok, ‘as long as you believe’.

Instead of seeking heavenly riches, the majority of people today are seeking for material, worldly riches. We live in an age where people clamor for the latest things, and are always in want of more, whether it be money, cars, houses, clothes or holidays etc. So many people are lured into false with the promise of material wealth. It is nothing more than idolatry.

Satan is the grand master at diverting people’s attention away from God to themselves and ultimately to Satan himself, and he has succeeded in luring the World into ungodly pleasures and desires.

In the Last Days people will be lovers of themselves.

In the Last Days people will be greedy.

In the last Days people will be arrogant and proud.

In the last Days cildren will be disobedient to parents.

In the last Days people will be unthankful.

In the last Days people will be unholy.

In the last Days people will be without natural affection.

In the last Days people will be despisers of those that are good.

In the last Days people will be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

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