The mystical Experience / Die mystische Erfahrung / A experiência Mística / La experiencia Mística

Going through life often makes you feel insignificant and powerless. The realization of how special you actually are and how incredible it is to be alive reminds you of the deep, kind human core we all carry under layers of societal conditioning.

You get a chance to remember that you are Love and that you are doing well in life (whatever you are doing, you are doing it as best as you can, considering all your circumstances and experiences).

Mystical experiences pushes you towards the limits and what lies beyond these limits. In the real World, it is just a dark cloud of fear. On the other side, fear is exposed as an impostor.

The most profound changes happen when you choose to leave fear behind and surrender to the powers that guide you through your transformation.

Naturally, surrender has fear imbued inside it and it is not an easy leap of faith. The alternative implies holding on to and being guided by fear.

Taking you past your limits is often referred to as Ego-dissolution or Ego death. This is definitely not a fun experience and, for some, can feel like actual death.

Of course, in the biggest challenges lie the most valuable opportunities, and so in facing death you are given a chance to release the fear of it.

Coming face to face with death might be among the most humbling and awesome experiences a Human can go through. It offers you an opportunity to reevaluate your appreciation for life.

When you let go of fear, you can finally stop taking life so seriously and do more things out of Love, for yourself and others, instead of for gain. You can give instead of expecting to get back.

You can quit a job that makes you miserable and figure things out later. You can travel and try to explore what you can of this astoundingly diverse planet, and connect with others on a deeper level of empathy and understanding.

You can realize that your problems are just stories you tell yourself. You can free yourself from the conditionings of your Ego.

The profound wisdom to be harvested from mystical experiences has the potential to cure humanity. The Awareness is emerging that the mystical is very present and accessible – and that in it lies the path to global healing.

With kindness, patience, and a growing pool of empirical evidence, reason will slowly prevail over grasping, and the paradigm will shift.

The mystical experience is nothing other than becoming aware of your true physical relationship to the universe. And your amazed, thunderstruck by the feeling that, underneath everything that goes on in this World, that the fundamental thing is a state of unbelievable bliss …
well, why not … why else would there be anything happening … because if the flames was the candle, if the univerese is basically nothing but a tormented struggle, why have one.

The whole World is moving through you, all the cosmic rays, all the food you’re eating, the stream of steaks and milk and eggs and everything is just flowing right through you. When you’re wiggling the same way, the world is wiggling, the stream is wiggling you. But the problem is, you see, we haven’t been taught to feel that way. The myths underlying our culture and underlying our common sense, have taught us not to feel identical with the universe, but only parts of it, but only in it, only confronting it … aliens! And we are quite urgently, in need of coming to feel that we are the eternal universe, each one of us.

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