The Passion of Andalucía / Die Passion Andalusiens / A paixão da Andaluzia / La pasión de Andalucía

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Andalucia, the area covering the entirety of the south of Spain, is passion in many ways. Andalucian culture has its roots in the different cultures which have populated the region over the past centuries.

Andalucía has been the front line of heated wars between the Islamic and the Christian cultures, and the fire of emotion brought out in art.

This is the birthplace of Flamenco – a fiery and profound music perhaps
best interpreted by the gypsies who have made this land their home and contributed to the development of modern Andalucian identity.

Flamenco has been influenced by and become associated with the gypsies, however its origin and style is uniquely Andalucian.

Andalucía is what one thinks of when you think of Spain.

The Andaluz people are vivacious, passionate and proud. They enjoy one of the best lifestyles and qualities of life of any European country, or to me, any country in the World.

The foundation of Andaluz Society is the family and the community, and the Andaluz people are noted for their close family ties, their Love of children and care for the elderly.

Nowhere else in the World will you find such laid back and happy people. The Andaluz people welcome visitors with open arms and show nothing but warm hostpitality. Every local I know looks forward to welcoming visitors with open arms all year round. 

Andalucia has become one of the most complete regions in the World. The plurality and complementary of its tourist offer, its communications, its climate, and infrastructure and the hospitality of its people have made Andalucia one of the best placed regions in the preferences of foreign and national tourists.

Once hit with the fascination of Andalucia, magical moments have inserted themselves into my memory and stay there for a lifetime. The Andalucian way of life is addictive and I did not dream of leaving and infinitely prefer life in Andalucia to my home country.

Andalucia is my heart and in my soul.

Andalucia is hot in many ways. Andalucia hot nights are famous worldwide with the summer season in particular when 7 nights a week trance dance, house partying can be enjoyed with international DJs making appearance at the Super Clubs and hip Rooftop Bars open from dusk until dawn, an oasis of mystery and passion.

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