The power of Forgivness / Die Kraft der Vergebung / O poder do Perdão / El poder del Perdón

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The realm of Human forgiveness is incomprehensible. Throughout our difficult lives, we are faced with a number of situations whose full understanding goes beyond our conscience thoughts. People in special situations are asked to dig deeper into their hearts, souls, and minds to find solutions or answers to these situations. This act of digging deeper to find solutions defines what makes us Human.

Is it our right to deeply forgive another for their sins. To forgive by word of mouth seems to be superficial. A deeper forgiveness does not come from us but from God. Who are we to say that someone is truly forgiven for their sins? It is not our right. We should however remain compassionate and kind to everyone, even the sinful.

The first reason for forgiveness is because of death, forgivness as filling a dying man’s last wish. There is forgiveness because of religion and we should take after God and show the same mercy that God shows us. Christians believe that Jesus was born to die on the cross for our sins, for us to be forgiven.

Another reason for forgiveness is true repentance and true contrition should be forgiven. The final reason for forgiveness is freedom. Being able to forgive, a person can free himself from the burden of hate and victimization. The victim is able to move on and heal himself.

To be faced with a moral question requires to dig deeper into our hearts, souls, and minds. It asks us to think about issues we desire not to think about.

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