They are inside my Brain / Sie sind in meinem Gehirn / Eles estão dentro do meu Cérebro / Estan dentro de mi Cerebro

There is a terrible battle going inside your mind right now. There are two wolves inside you battling to see who will take over. One is negative – full of anger, envy, resentment, greed, sorrow, judgment, inferiority, criticism, and doubt.

The other wolf is good  –  full of joy, appreciation, Love, kindness, empathy, understanding, confidence, compassion, and clarity.

This fight is going inside of you. Even if you do not notice it.

When you feed the negative animal, your mind loses clarity. You will not be able to get rid of the bad wolf. It exists within you for a reason.

Personal growth is about accepting your entire Self. Taming the negative wolf, not killing it  –  that is how you neutralize your thoughts from causing pain and suffering.

Your thoughts can eat you alive. Having thoughts is normal. Letting them take over your behavior, that is the problem. When you believe you are what you think, you lose perspective. There is nothing wrong with thinking.

It helps you understand matters, make decisions, and solve problems. Too much thinking can get you distracted. Your inner wolves can cloud your mind. Until they start eating you alive.

Your inner wolves cloud your perspective. Fueled by anxiety, fear, and stress letting your thoughts take over drives your brain foggy. Driving in foggy conditions is risky. It is wise to slow down.

As the air heats up, the fog slowly disappears, and your visibility gets back to normal. The reality did not change while it was foggy, it simply affected your perspective.

Thoughts do not control your actions unless you allow them to do so. Remember not to overfeed your negative wolf.

Neither your thoughts nor your emotions can determine how you behave. You are not what you suffer from. You can not escape from your thoughts (or emotions), but you can decide what you do in spite of them.

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