This shit’s got to go / Dieser Scheiß muss Gehen / Essa merda tem que Ir / Esta mierda tiene que Ir

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Our monetary system and our economic system is incompatible with life on this planet. –

Use your time to help contribute something meaningful and positive in Society, rather than serving this unethical system that feeds dangerous things like war, greed, exploitation, and elitism.

Put Human need before elitist greed.

Banks only hold reserves worth about 10% of the money they lend out. In other words, banks lend out 10 times more money than they actually have. Banks create money out of thin air when they make loans – they loan it into existence.

This accounts for about 90% of the money circulating in our economy right now. It is not created by the government, as most people assume: it is created by commercial banks in the form of loans.

Every Dollar that passes through our hands represents somebody’s debt.

And every Dollar of debt has to be paid back with interest. Because our money system is based on debt, it has a growth imperative baked into it. Our money system is heating up the planet.

We need to get rid of the share market, Rothschild counterfeit banking system. The Morgans, Goldman Sachs and Rockefellers. This would make a good start but it may already be too late as nearly all the people with the power are corrupt.

If we do not keep the global economy growing by at least 3% per year, it plunges into crisis. That means that we have to double the size of the economy every 20 years, just to stay afloat.

It does not take much to realise that this imperative for exponential growth makes little sense given the limits of our finite planet.

Debt is the reason the economy has to grow in the first place. Because debt always comes with interest, it grows exponentially.

Without economic growth, debt piles up and eventually triggers an economic crisis. The global economic system runs on money that is itself debt.

Rapid climate change is the most obvious symptom of this contradiction, but we are also seeing it in the form of deforestation, desertification and mass extinction, with species dying at an alarming rate as our consumption of the natural World causes their habitats to collapse.

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