Through Dark and Light / Durch Dunkel und Licht / Através da escuridão e da Luz / A través de la oscuridad y la Luz

You may think, incorrectly, that it is the dark and light sides of a person or situation that are set and immutable. That a bad person will always be bad and a good person will always be good. That we can manage to be only bad or good … that once you choose a side there is no going back.

The truth of the matter is that, dark or light, there is only the face you can see at the time. The same face you have always seen. The face that, over time, cycles through dark and light.

The only thing that is static, is our perception of what you are looking at. You can only see one side – the one facing you. Unless you pay really close attention, you only see the illusion of that side, always being the way you first see it.

If something seems too dark or too bright to be true, it is up to you to see what is actually on the other side, to get a different perspective and gain an understanding. There is a good chance that there is a whole other side you are not even aware of until you do that.

Darkness may hide the trees and the flowers from the eyes but it can not hide Love from the soul. – Rumi

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