Travel around the World / Reise um die Welt / Viajar o Mundo / Viajar el Mundo

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Travel around the World has become another exercise in narcissistic Self presentation, one more way of desperately extracting some semblance of uniqueness out of your otherwise mediocre existence.

You can keep traveling around the World, and still do not know who you are and what you are looking for.

You have been thrown into uncomfortable situations, breaking down cultural barriers and learning different languages.

You have met backpackers, restaurant owners, pilots, surfers, fire dancers, students, entrepreneurs, musicians and teachers from all over the World.

Your original path has been diverted after having observed so many alternative ones.

You are not actually looking for anything in particular, but rather exploring all the different possibilities to present yourself to your family and friends, to your neighbourhood and your city and ultimately to the World on social media.

For traveling around the World has just become another exercise of your narcissism. Travel yourself interesting.

The tyranny of the web and social media have killed our capacity for independent discovery.

Instead of taking time to absorb, reflect and consider, travelers seem more inclined to travel quickly, tick the ‘Don’t miss’ places of the World and form assumptions based on the bare minimum or just simply copy and paste.

Yet the principle that ‘Travel’ as opposed to ‘Tourism’ is by definition enriching, transformative continues.

Get away traveling around the World, write a diary, kneel down in front the altar of modern technology and record every step of your journey on social media if it makes you feel better about yourself.

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