What people think about You / Was die Leute über dich Denken / O que as pessoas pensam de Você / Lo que la gente piensa de Ti

It can be really hard not to worry what other people think about you. Wanting to be liked, and approved of, and smiled at, and applauded is a fairly basic need among modern Humans, especially those who have their actual basic needs already met.

When you are getting all of those much-wanted things, it is fabulous. You should most definitely let the Love and support of family, friends, and romantic partners build you up and make you feel good and cared for, because that is how that is intended to go.

The ones who you already know love and support you, are typically not the people whose opinions you agonize over; Even when they disagree with you, if they really love you, it will always be with your best interests at heart. It is okay to sometimes be at odds with the people you love.

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