When the world Collapses / Wenn die Welt Zusammenbricht / Quando o mundo entra em Colapso / Cuando el mundo entra en Colapso

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There are two events that you will need to plan for. The first is survival during the global world collapse. The second is survival after the collapse.

Three independent major computer models predicted that the World will collapse between 2030 and 2040.

These predictions are the results of the efforts of many highly qualified scientists, the UK and US government and NASA, and are supported by many major banks and insurance companies.

Holding you tight when the world collapses.

You know very well and have been told many times that our lifestyle is not sustainable and that if trends do not change a collapse will occur.

Natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate, drinking water is being poisoned, pollution is increasing to dangerous levels. Climate change and its effects are worsening.

The environment is being degraded. Fishing stocks are collapsing. Populations are rising. You know all this to be true.

When you hear about this you probably do what most other people do and dismiss these uncomfortable truths as a concerning problem but hope that they will be solved somehow in the future.

Although you know that you are contributing to the problem there is nothing you can do about it. You have to hope and believe that governments, science and technology organisations will eventually do something to solve it.

Before the coming World collapse there will be precise warning signs to watch out for but at some stage you will have to think this scenario through for yourself to imagine how it would affect you and your family personally.

To fully comprehend the concept that the World is going to end sometime within 20 years and to imagine the consequences associated with this collapse is beyond your ability initially.

These predictions imply that something very terrible is going to happen and you just do not want to go to that terrible place in your mind.

Holding you tight when the world collapses.

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