When you were still far Off / Als du noch weit weg Warst / Quando você ainda estava Longe / Cuando aún estabas Lejos

You imagine yourself way off in the future, or living in a different country or as a different person. The aim is to have that feeling of detachment, of stepping outside yourself, by whatever means you can.

You can achieve the greatest heights only through detaching yourself from the things that matter to you to a certain extent and by taking a step back. You should be capable of practicing and feeling detachment when its most required.

Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.

To be attached is to live in the fear that what you want will not materialise and traps you in a continuous state of desire. You are too attached to the things you own and too addicted to buying and hoarding more and more things without asking this one simple question – ‘Is it important?’

When you detach yourself from the compulsion of owning things just for the sake of owning them you begin to experience real freedom and joy from things that really matter. Remember, less is more.

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