Who are You / Wer bist Du / Quem é Você / Quién eres Tú

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Who are you? You are beyond the body, mind and personality, beyond all experience. Be still and awaken to the realization of who you are. I heard this stuff what drives me crazy, part of me drives me crazy, because on the one hand something in you recognize the truth of it, but there is no way I can get there.
I have never experienced myself as any of those things. So I thought in preparing this talk for me and stand up here and give you all these spiritual truth about, you know: when we’re not addicted, we’re presence and when we’re not addicted then we’re loved and when we’re not addicted then we’re wisdom and we’re being and we’re the universe and we’re connection.
I’m sure that stuff is true, but I have never been there. How can stand and give you all that stuff? Out of the mouth of Adyashanti, who said that experience and I genuinely sense that he has, those are not cliches, those are just the reality, that is embodying. But for me those words would be absolutely a lie. So that what now I can tell you. That is what I can tell you at all.
The only clue I can give you is: How perhaps to get there or at least or how to get beyond this egoic mind of ours, because I very well know that that little mind of mine jumps around when Sat Dharam brings us into the presents and that little minor mind jumps around, all about the self and it creates a film over my experience of the World, it creates a barrier myself and the universe, a barrier between myself and deeper self, a barrier between myself and other people, and a barrier between myself and nature.
Carl Marx said that: ‘There is four alienation, basically four aspects: we are alienated from nature, we are alienated from our truth self, we are alienated from other people and we are alienated from our work.’ Is that what we do does not represent who we are. So, the nature the Society is that it promotes those alienations and the mechanism of that alienation is that very egoic mind that in me it is extraordinarily prominent and is very much in charge of my mental life.
In this Adyashanti poem noticed the clue, he says: ‘Be still and awaken to the realization of who you are!’ Well, ‘Be still’ he says. The problem is really that we don’t know how to be still and the mind doesn’t know how to be still. And so that, if I don’t know, if I haven’t experienced perhaps what he has experienced, it is likely do the fact that my mind has not been still long enough to experiencing that stuff and I do everything in my power very often to keep it from being so. So we escape stillness.

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