Who owns You / Wer besitzt Dich / Quem é seu Dono / Quien es tu Dueño

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These three words can have a huge impact upon your life if you ask them regularly. Many people would automatically say that no one or no thing owns them but when they think about it carefully, the results can be illuminating.

Designer goods own you. They have power over how you feel about yourself and you need to own them to feel valuable. It sounds crazy but it is true. There is so much in the media that can contribute to you feeling inadequate and inferior.

You feel the need to always double check with your partner before making a decision, even if it is a small insignificant decision. When you feel that you cannot function as an independent person and think for yourself, you do not completely own yourself. Getting opinions is normal but if these opinions are required as part of the process and not seen as a bonus, there is an issue.

Much of the information you receive is altered to be presented in the best light and there is always another way to look at situations. Keep an open mind about what you are being told. Do your own research, but never allow the media and politicians to inform you solely. You are guilty of being a lazy consumer and accepting popular opinion. Take the time on issues close to your heart. There are many ways to interpret the same set of facts.

Never take the future for granted. You may not get one. Enjoy life as much as you can now. This doesn’t mean spending every cent you have and acting as if there is no future but putting off cherishing moments today for an illusory promise of future well being is silly and misguided. Practise mindfulness, be in the moment more and enjoy the small pleasures in life. The gift of life is in the moment called Now.

Your fears are often mental monsters that creep around in your head and tell you why you shouldn’t do things or why you need to stay safe. It is time to see these ‘mental monsters’ are nothing but trouble makers that stop you from reaching your true potential. Your fears are mental barriers.

Your image is all important. You worry of how you may come across. If you are keeping yourself small in order to please others, be accepted or fit in, you are allowing your image to rule.  The real you does not care about all that superficial nonsense.

So, who owns you? I hope that you own you. I hope that you can think for yourself, ignore what others think and be true to your calling – whatever that may be. The happiest people in life tend to be the people who know themselves well, maintain balance where ever possible and watch when external influences take over.

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