Women talk too Much / Frauen reden zu Viel / As mulheres falam Demais / Las mujeres hablan Demasiado

Women definetely talk too much. You probably talk too much. This would not necessarily be a problem, except for the fact that the favorite subject to discuss is yourself. Women spend 60% of their conversations talking about themselves. When chatting on social media women even spend 80% of their conversations talking about themselves. It just feels good. Women are willing to give up money for the opportunity to disclose information about themselves.

Silence is a greatly underestimated source of power. In silence, we can hear not only what is being said, but also what is not being said. In silence, it can be easier to reach the truth.

Women can pretty much talk about anything at any time to anyone. Women often feel the need to talk and talk and talk until they feel they are receiving approval from the other side or sometimes purely because they lack confidence. Too much talking gives the wrong impression of yourself, that you are disorganised, too emotional or not in control.

Women hope to feel more cared for, understood and less alone by talking things through but actually this can lead to depression and stress. There are other tactics to cope with issues than merely talking. Many women are at risk for excessive problem talk, which is linked with depression and anxiety. Women should know that talking about problems is not the only way to cope.

Women like to talk. Women like to talk about shows, shoes, and celebrities, with our mothers, significant and insignificant others and to one another. Women gossip out of envy, hurt, confusion, and feelings they believe to be hatred. They gossip to block each other’s shine. Women can not help themselves in this situation, it is in them, it is their nature and thus, they can’t hide it. Women spend all the time talking without listening.

Too much talking is the only defense women have got. They may not have the physical strength to attack. With their mouths women can attack and cause harm. Women talk a lot to confuse people. Knowing that they will be caught in a crime they committed, they will never stop talking in order not to be caught. Women talk a lot  because they are depressed or stressed.

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