You are the World / Du bist die Welt / Você é o Mundo / Tu eres el Mundo

When we talk about change, we mean not the mere bloody revolution, physical revolution, but rather the revolution in the makeup of the mind. The way he thinks, the way he behaves, the way he conducts himself, the way he operates, he functions, the whole of that. We see objectively the appalling mess the World is in, the misery, the confusion, the deep sorrow of man.

I ca not tell you what I feel when I go round the World. The pettiness, the shallowness, the emptiness of all this, of the so-called western civilisation, if I may use that word; into which the eastern civilisation is being dragged. And we are just scratching on the surface all the time. And we think the mere change on the surface – change in the structure is going to do something enormous to Human beings.

On the contrary it has done nothing. It polishes a little bit here and there but deeply fundamentally it does not change man. So, when we are discussing change we must be, I think, fairly clear that we mean the change in the psyche, in the very being of Human beings. That is, in the very structure and nature of his thought. At the root.

And therefore when there is that change he will naturally bring about a change in Society. It is not Society first, or individual first, it is the Human change which will transform the Society. They are not two separate things. After all Human beings have created this Society. By their greed, by their anger, by their violence, by their brutality, by their pettiness, they have created this Society.

And they think by changing the structure you are going to change the Human being. This has been the communist problem, this has been the eternal problem: that is change the environment then you change man. They have tried that in ten different ways and they have not done it, succeeded in changing man. On the contrary man conquers the environment as such.

And therefore the World is you, you are the World, there is no other thing. If you accept that, if you see that not intellectually, but feel it in your heart, in your mind, in your blood that you are that, then the question is: is it possible for a Human being to transform himself inwardly and therefore outwardly?

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