2008-01-03 Tibau do Sul, Brazil / Once Again / Noch Einmal / Mais uma Vez / Una vez Más

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I have fallen in Love, once again. When you are in this stage, you will know. You constantly think about her and can not get her off of your mind. Your heart skips a beat whenever you see her and every little stupid thing she does brighten up your day.

You day dream about her, you night dream about her, she is the last person you think before you go to sleep and your first thought when you wake up.

Even if something went wrong, and you pretend to let each other go, the truth is you can not let her go. She will alway be in your heart and you know it.

There is not a day that goes by that you do not think of her, or wonder if she is doing okay or not. That is when you are in Love with someone, you do not ever let her go.

But when you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with her, have a family with her, that is when you know it is over and you have to start looking for another Love.

That is when the bad times start, when you get into fights and you still love her no matter what. That is when you are in Love.

So the truth is, when you are in Love, falling in Love is over and when you really, really love falling in Love, you have to decide to never love, because Love kills falling in Love, Love actually is the enemy of falling in Love.

So stay away from Love and let her go … and fall in Love, once again.

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