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The Kaihōgyō (circling the mountain) is an ascetic practice performed by Tendai Buddhist monks. The practice involves walking a route on Mount Hiei while offering prayers at halls, shrines and other sacred places.

Part of Tendai Buddhism’s teaching is that enlightenment can be attained in the current life.

It is through the process of selfless service and devotion that this can be achieved, and the Kaihōgyō is seen as the ultimate expression of this desire.

There are two Kaihōgyō practices; 100 days and 1,000 days. The ultimate achievement is the completion of the 1,000-day challenge, which would rank among the most demanding physical and mental challenges in the World.

Only 46 men have completed the 1,000-day challenge since 1885.

The Kaihōgyō takes seven years to complete, as the monks must undergo other Buddhist training in meditation and calligraphy, and perform general duties within the temple.

They are required to spend 12 years total on Mount Hiei and includes vows of lifelong celibacy and sobriety in the spirit of renunciation.

There are various Blog types; the ultimate achievement is the completion of the 1,000-blog posted challenge. Congratulations.


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