A new Story / Eine neue Geschichte / Uma nova História / Una nueva Historia

A new story needs to be rooted in something. You have to believe it, and changing your beliefs can be the most difficult thing of all. When I look at my life objectively I realize that I have actually accomplished quite a bit.

I hava always done well in school. I have worked only in things that I enjoyed and liked. I always went out of my way to be kind and helpful to others. All things that made me just as good as anyone else.

Instead of thinking of myself as just as good as anyone else, I started to change my story again to simply say that I am good. I started meditating every morning for twenty minutes.

Once my meditation was over, before I got up, I visualize something that is connected to my new story. I imagine myself being relaxed on my catamaran in Tahiti. I imagine myself working at a job that I love and doing really well.

I imagine things very concretely. I really get into the visualization and do not get up until I feel the joy that these activities will bring me deep inside.

But sitting around visualizing is not enough to make change happen in your life. I am a strong believer in action. That is where you really start to see the change happen.

Now that I have a new story about my life, I am able to see opportunities in all places. I have the courage to try things. I immediately start challenging myself. I start making a conscious effort. I am able to see things for a more positive perspective.

I recognize the opportunities that will get me somewhere. Taking  steps in the right direction every day will get me where I want to be. It is important to be consistent.

I am not saying that I am always successful. I most certainly am not. Sometimes I fall back into old habits, but I remember that simply making the effort gets me a step closer to my new story.

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