Reason you feel Alone / Der Grund warum Du Dich allein Fühlst / Razão pela qual você se sente Sozinho / Razón por la que te sientes Solo

You feel alone because you are alone in your head and in your heart. Your heart is the seat of your emotional being, the place from which not only blood flows but also all your feelings of Love, compassion, tenderness, joy, sorrow, happiness, and pain.

See if you can feel it, right now. Take a moment to drop down out of your thinking mind, out of your brain, and feel your way into the heart center. Do not think about your heart center, but feel it in the middle of your chest.

See if you can drop down through your emotional armor and make contact with your own heart. It might be quietly and calming pulsing, it might be bursting with joy, it might be aching with heartbreak, or it might be some hard-to-comprehend mix of feelings.

You think that your heart is a small and weak thing, and your capacity for Love is restricted. You think you have a limited quantity of Love to spread around, so you have to be miserly with it, sharing it only with those who deserve it.

Your heart’s capacity for Love, compassion, joy, and equanimity is limitless.

You can not only get in touch with these qualities within yourself, you can bathe the whole World and all the beings in it with your loving kindness. You can break down walls of resistance inside yourself and open towards those to whom you thought you could never open .

You don’t feel alone because you are alone. You feel alone because you aren’t at peace with yourself. You feel alone because you don’t love yourself. You feel alone because you’ve been conditioned to believe that you need another person to complete you. You don’t.

You feel alone because you’re comparing yourself to others. You don’t have to. You feel alone because you have yet to realize there is a greater purpose for your life. You feel alone because all you’re thinking about is yourself. Think about it:

If your mission was to do good for others, to serve others, to love others and give your best to everyone you encounter, there is no loneliness there. Loneliness can only exist when your thoughts are 100% focused on yourself and what you don’t have.

You feel alone because you’re not living the life you want to live. You’re not living as you. When you live a truly authentic life, the right people will show up.

If you are following the life you want to live, digging deep into your purpose, you will be so lit up with passion, there won’t be room for empty feelings of darkness.

Dr Wayne Dyer, once said: ‘You can not be lonely if you like the person you are alone with’.

Spend more time alone and learn to love it. Learn to love it because you love the person you are becoming. Because every day you are focused on your purpose. Your mission is life. Every day you are chasing your dreams and living with passion in your soul.

Practicing daily gratitude for what you do have, the people you do have in your life, and the person you are already, will replace those feelings of loneliness with feelings of fullness.

So, if you feel alone, know that it is not other people you need. It is you who needs to grow. Know it and commit to the work that is required to get to that place. Commit to the reading, the daily gratitude, the learning from the best teachers, the inner work, the meditation, all of it.

Grow yourself and the right people will show up.

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