Rooted in the World / Verwurzelt in der Welt / Enraizado no Mundo / Enraizado en el Mundo

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Capitalism rewards selfishness and greed, and winning by any means, fair or foul.

Therefore Society concludes that this behavior is natural for all Human beings and that it is impossible to establish a Society based on anything except a competitive struggle for private profit.

Human nature is said to be competitive, aggressive and selfish. It’s just the opposite, Human nature is actually cooperative, generous and community minded.

In fact cooperation, not competition, is the norm in nature, because it is energy-efficient and because predators and their prey maintain a kind of balanced coexistence.

Nature uses extraordinarily ingenious techniques to avoid conflict and competition, and cooperation is extraordinarily widespread throughout all of nature.

We are born with certain instincts and tendencies, but through education, upbringing and our own conscious choices, we can transform our conduct, nature and personality. Our World is filled with countless small acts of kindness: giving up a seat on the train, returning a wallet with money that was lost.

As part of the science of yoga, the idea of improving human behavior is very relevant and the term ‘Bio-psychology’ describes how the glands, nerves and brain of the body affect our behaviors, thoughts and feelings.

Every Human being has the same basic instincts, both negative ones, such as anger, hatred and greed, and positive ones, such as hope, conscience and repentance.

The postures of yoga, a vegetarian diet and meditation are all ancient techniques that are used to overcome selfish, negative instincts and to channel the mind in a positive direction.

On the social level, Society is asked to promote cooperation for economic success and community growth. Cooperatives are the enterprises best suited to achieve that.

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