Seven heavenly Virtues / Sieben himmlischen Tugenden / Sete celestiais Virtudes / Siete celestiales Virtudes

The Seven Virtues refers to the union of two sets of virtues: from ancient Greek philosophy, are prudence, justice, temperance and courage.

And the three theological virtues, from the letters of Saint Paul of Tarsus, are faith, hope, and Love. These were adopted by the Church Fathers as the seven virtues.

At the beginning of his mission Jesus showed in practice those virtues; he is led through the desert to be tested with three main temptations that can lead one into sin, vices and perversion of personality.

Modern names of temptations are egoism, materialism and hedonism. In First Epistle of John temptations in World are called ‘pride of life’, ‘lust of eyes’ and ‘lust of body’.

Jesus rejects temptations with virtues of:

fortitude, courage not to eat, risking his life to die of hunger (hedonism),

prudence, caution not to make sign of might without reason (egoism),

temperance, self-control not to take glittering attractions (materialism).

Virtues are talents that lead human to seek ultimate ideals of life, called transcendentals in philosophy and correspondent with appropriate field that seeks them; truth (science), beauty (arts) and goodness (religion).

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