Slow Down / Werde Langsamer / Desacelere / Ve más Despacio

Wherever you are, from one day to the next, the Earth is moving at the same speed. Yet in the modern World, you have convinced yourself that the World is moving faster, and that speed is the way to make your life work.

Under the pressure of schedules and commitments, you think you can accomplish more if you speed through your day. Speed creates its own power and momentum, which rules you.

Speed gives life a frantic quality. It is an anxious state of mind that keeps you from settling into whatever you are doing. There is always something more important than what you are doing now.

Your speedy mind is like an internal combustion engine. So much effort goes into the energy it produces, creating the harmful, wasteful byproducts of exhaustion and pollution. Even when you are reading a book or watching a movie, the speedy mind does not shut off.

With a speedy mind you never enjoy the fruits of your labor, your Love, or your life. You can not relax. Speed comes from being overly ambitious. You are not content with your own mind, so you become aggressive.

When life does not match your concept, you get mad – mad that others are late, or mad that you are early. You get mad at getting older, mad at getting sick, and mad at others getting old and sick.

It is a form of small-mindedness that blinds you to what life really offers – the opportunity to develop wisdom and compassion. Wisdom tells you that you are meant to enjoy your life and use it in a meaningful way.

Recognize that you can be happy and at peace. Wanting to be anywhere but where you are, doing anything but what you are doing, are unnecessary moves that throw you off balance.

The practice of meditation offers you the opportunity to slow down for a short time every day. Taking time to appreciate it comes from your own determination and wisdom.

Through meditation, you simplify your life. You regain space to appreciate it, having lost nothing but speediness. You learn how to float aloft, carried by the winds, appreciating what you see in every direction. You learn to relax.

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