Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity / Wünsche von Glück und Wohlstand / Desejos de Felicidade e Prosperidade / Deseos de Felicidad y Prosperidad

Happiness is being in harmony with all, and limit your desires. Attaining spiritual propserity and happiness means self-purification in thought, word and deed.

To live with continuous happiness and prosperity, you have to understand and live in harmony at all levels of your living. There are four levels of your living, Self, Family, Society, Nature.

Happiness is the mental state of wellbeing characterized by positive emotions of intense joy and a good life. Happiness is the positive nature of self happiness.

Prosperity is the feeling of having or making available more than required physical, the condition of being prosperous, of having good fortune.

Prosperity is an abundance of material possessions, money as well as other factors like health and happiness.

The song Yeha-Noha, recorded by the German musical project known under the name of Sacred Spirit, is a remixed version of a portion of the Navajo Shoe Game song.

(A part of the origin myth describing a game played among the day animals and night animals in which the animals who discovered in which shoe a yucca ball was hidden would win a permanent state of daylight or night)

The song describes the Giant’s (Yé’iitsoh) lament at the owl’s attempt to cheat by stealing the ball. The audible portions of the song say:

… shaa ninánóh’aah (You give it back to me …)

… Yé’iitsoh jinínáá léi’ (… The Giant says again and again …)

… ninánóh’aah (… give it back)

Other references say it is part of the Enemy Way Chant, which is a healing song sung to cleanse and heal Navajos, warriors who have come in contact with ghosts, sung to a family member or loved one and simply to wish them happiness and prosperity.

Navajo veterans of the United States Armed Forces use this ceremony to purify themselves after returning from the service. This song is only supposed to be sung by a medicine man of the Navajo Nation.

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